Scoring Your Organisation

Against each PRIME Principle

1 | Aspire

The organisation has adopted and published (on its website) a written statement of intent, setting out its aspirations for adherence to this principle and detailing its proposed methods of management and reporting of initiatives to do so.

2 | Act

The organisation can provide recent (< 6 months old) examples of how it has taken positive steps to fulfil its statements of intent.

3 | Measure

The organisation can demonstrate a sustained approach to compliance (>12 months), with quantifiable and verifiable examples or case studies showing a consistent trend towards increased adherence to the principle.

4 | Manage

The organisation can demonstrate evolution of its statements of intent; commensurate evolution of its initiatives; and continuous implementation and refinement of its behaviours.

5 | Champion

The organisation can demonstrate a pervasive culture of adherence to the principle through case studies, statistics and innovation in its approach to, and furtherance of, this principle.


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